Some are blessed with being well endowed in the cock department. Others are…less fortunate and are hung more like a shrimp than a horse. SPH, more fully known as Small Penis Humiliation, is a form of humiliation which focuses on the size and usefulness of a submissive’s cock. Numerous gender identities enjoy this specific form of humiliation, enjoying the emotional masochism that comes with being put down, embarrassed, and belittled in a safe, kink-aware setting with a #dominatrix or #femdom. SPH is a kink often combined with #chastity, with the submissive being told that their cock is so tiny and useless that it should be locked up permanently. As you can imagine, #cuckholding is often added to SPH, with the humiliation of the size of the submissive’s dick being directly compared to the cock/strap-on of the #femdom and Her cuckolding partner. The submissive can receive immense erotic excitement from feeling useless and replaced. It is, of course, essential to remember that SPH exits in a fantasy space and that there is nothing incorrect about the size of your cock, whatever your gender identity may be. But it’s fun to pretend with your #Goddess.

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Your cock is oh so puny, it's just a speck of dust von British Pimpstress
Come suckle on my big BBC chopper von British Pimpstress
Get trashed in humiliation hell von British Pimpstress
Once a loser, always a loser! von Goddess Harper JCM
Foto 19270 von Goddess Harper JCM
Freshly dyed hair and lips for kissing! von Bunny Royle
Awwww teeny weeny von Just Call Us Mistress
More about me von British Pimpstress

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