Pretty dresses. Stockings. Pastel colours. Silky fabrics. Do these make you twitch, probably in your little pink chastity cage? Traditionally, a "sissy" is someone who feels pleasure, excitement, and arousal at being dressed in feminine-looking clothes, wearing wigs, and putting on makeup. Also referred to as #feminisation, sissies often love to be pampered, humiliated, or put into maid service. Sissification is different for everyone, with some using it to explore their gender identity and others who maybe simply get aroused by the slutty, soft feeling of panties on their cock or who love prancing around in high heels and stockings. Many sissies enjoy #edging, #anal, and being trained to suck cock. More extreme sissies might fantasise, or go and live out their fantasies, of visiting #gloryholes. Others dream of being #brainwashed with #bimboification to appear hypersexual and hyper-femme.

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You look hungry von British Pimpstress
PimpHub sissy slave ass  workers von British Pimpstress
Come suckle on my big BBC chopper von British Pimpstress
lick my boots von Mistress Black Jones
Sissification von Mistress Xena
Open nice and wide boys, taste that BBC, You all get so weak for my big cocks von Queen Tricks
Open that mouth nice and wide von Queen Tricks
You filthy little cunt! von Miss Please Me

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