A favourite pastime for #phonesex #femdoms is JOI or Jerk Off Instructions. And, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like! A #femdom gives instructions for how you should jerk off. Like, of course, you could just do it solo… but isn't there something so very naughty about a teasing, demanding voice in your ear telling you exactly how to touch yourself? Submissives who enjoy surrendering control often combine #joi with #edging, #denial, #chastity, or #ruinedorgasms for some added spicy fun. Because letting someone else tell you when you're allowed to cum, and maybe even denying you that pleasure because your denial brings Her pleasure, is a powerfully arousing feeling. Some submissives might also include #hypnosis in their JOI sessions for a more intense experience, surrendering both their mind and cock to the femdom. Jerk Off Instructions can be super simple or more intense, such as adding in #humiliation (maybe they're told to jerk to something embarrassing like ramen noodles or the toilet). Phone sex is perfect for #joi as it means you get to enjoy a domination experience with just a few clicks on Dommeline and get to feel the powerful touch of a femdom even if you can't find a way to be dominated in person.

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Sister no mercy! von Mistress Helen Ryder
Loser von Miss Please Me
You can’t have this von Mistress Paisley Black
Not for betas von Mistress Paisley Black
Playboy photo shoot von Ms Tyler
Desert shoot in Southern California von Ms Tyler
Saturday in the Park think it was the 4th of July von Ms Tyler
Found you a new girlfriend! von Countess Odelia

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