A fetish which has seen a sudden surge in popularity on the internet over the past few years is #findom. Findom, or financial domination, is a kink where a submissive is aroused by giving money to a #femdom, or female dominant, with no expectations of services or content in return. The sexual rush and release for the submissive comes from the act of sacrificing money to their Domme for Her pleasure and ease. It is the definition of a luxury fetish, with some submissives sending tens or even hundreds of thousands to their Domme. Sometimes findom is an aspect of a #FLR (Female Led Relationships) or a long-term submissive contract. A femdom might have a credit card specifically for Her use; other times, it is a quick, hard, sexy drain during phone sex! As a kink, findom must be approached carefully to avoid situations that could lead to financial hardship for the submissive and legal repercussions for the Domme. But when practised safely, findom is a sexy, fun way to spoil your favourite Domme and demonstrate your dedication to Her by opening up that leaking, horny wallet!

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You missed a spot !!!! von British Pimpstress
Boot Bitch von Goddess Amy Wynters
Ass & Boots Worship von Goddess Amy Wynters
Foto 19429 von The Enchantr3ss
Foto 19428 von The Enchantr3ss
MommyMoneyMilker von British Pimpstress
Here’s an L! Hold it von Mistress Roh
My favourite fetish? von Lola Louise X

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