We all have that certain item of clothing that gets us hot under the collar, and it's easy to see why catsuits get plenty of people turned on. Probably inspired by some fictional character or another who caused a sexual awakening (*cough cough* Catwoman *cough cough*), there's something about how a catsuit hugs every…single…curve of the body. Catsuits, as you fans of the clothing well know, come in various textures to suit a variety of clothing-based fetishes such as #leather, #rubber, #pvc, or #latex. Catsuits made from #latex are very popular for both subs and Dommes; for Dommes it can be about the allure of tight-fitting clothing that creates the feeling of "you can look but not touch". This is doubly true for see-through latex, which looks incredible if you have a Domme with #tattoos! For subs, catsuits can be used as part of full-body sensory deprivation, being turned into a "gimp", or as a way to be fully anonymised for #dronification with the addition of a #gasmask or #latexhood.

Photos for hashtag #catsuit

What are you looking at? von Louise Payn, Fitness Domme
Leather catsuit Zips in all the right places von Mistress Anna
Mistress Krush Lick My Sweat von Mistress Krush
Mistress Krush That Look von Mistress Krush
Mistress Krush On Your Knees von Mistress Krush
Mistress Krush Open Wide von Mistress Krush
Mistress Krush Hold It For Me von Mistress Krush
Mistress Krush Below Me von Mistress Krush

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