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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:150
Last online4 days ago

About Me

Region:England - North-East
Hair color:Blonde
Hair lengthMedium
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:34
#cuckoldress #degradation #fantasy #femdom #findom #homewrecker #humiliation #ignore #kink #sissyfication

About me

❣️✨As Valentine’s Day approaches I thought it’s only right to give some of my cuckolds a few reimbursement opportunities seen as you all beg so much like the sad weak fucks you are sooo…

Alpha my hot hung muscly boyfriend Dan is whisking me away to a unreal romantic getaway somewhere Iv wanted go for such a long time think luxury romantic hot tub, log burner fire, bath tub for two, 6 course romantic meal champers, sexy lingerie you get the idea don’t you. Something you will never experience because your ugly as fuck and could never bag a woman like me haha but you can be of some use and maybe just maybe if you get our attention by reimbursing generously you could get some exclusive pictures of our evening together so your painfully reminded of what you will never have and remember your pathetic place in this life.

So call me and find out how you can be part of a hot alpha couples valentines this year!!! ✨ ❣️

“Everybody has some sort of addiction and I just happen to be yours”


I’m a northern lass with a northern cocky chavy accent and a mouth full of filth and mind full of wild sadistic kinky thoughts

Sadistic cruel hot bully chav alpha female you know the type the loud gobby one the one you wouldn’t dare make eye contact with out in public, the one woman you know will have you doing anything and I mean absolutely ANYTHINGGGG with 0 fucks given.

I crave to degrade and humiliate worthless so called “men” like YOU

•Financial Domination
•Encouraged ;) Bi
*Toilet Servitude

I log on daily all day and evening from early as 7am on & off until about 12am/1am

Get text notified when I come online just register above

IGNORE CALL - please state verbally at the beginning of our call that you wish to be ignored and il continue my day as if your not even there let alone fucking exists

ANAL TRAINING - train for the real deal, you fantasise and touch that nasty DICK over it enough don’t you!!

BULLYING - one of my most natural traits

BOOT WORSHIP - thigh high heels to muddy hunter wellies

CBT - I want see you crying like the bitch you are while I’m jumping around with excitement and pride of the pain your enduring for me

CONFESSIONS / TABOO - I want to hear it all then hold it against you forever!!

CUCKOLDING - I have a hot hung muscly alpha bf

EDGING / JOI - bringing to the point of no return over and over fucking your head up

FACE SITTING - suffocating and suffering under my beautiful shaven haven

FISTING - i love to watch my wrist disappear deep inside you

FINDOM - I will take it all & more https://www.dommelink.com/worshipmisst you can find ways to spend your hard earned cash on me in this link as I drain you by the minute on a call

FOOT FETISH / WORSHIP - worship my beautiful pedicured french tip size 5 feet

HARD-SPORTS - dinner is served fresh from the source and I don’t take kindly to left overs

HOME WRECKING - I will turn your whole world upside down with one call / text and you will never ever be able come back from it

HUMILIATION / DEGRADATION - imagine the un thinkable then imagine been made to do it hahaha

PEGGING - from 6inch to 12inch you will take it all and deep

PUPPY TRAINING - walkies time Bitch

SLAPPING - power slapping weak fucks like you since school and still going

SPITTING - open wide and take it all mmmm

SPANKING - never satisfied until it’s looking sore and uncomfortable and you definitely can’t sit down then and only then am I satisfied

SPLOSHING - gunge to custard to fish guts I love a good sploshing sesh

SISSYFICATION / FEMINIZATION - let’s turn you in to barbie looking sissy whore

SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - if it’s useless it will be treat accordingly

TASKS - one of my fave things to give

TOILET SERVITUDE - I own one, see my gallery then close your eyes imagine you locked inside one hand either side cuffed to the box lying there all helpless knowing you can’t escape knowing you can’t back out because once your in your in and you will take what’s given

TRAINER WORSHIP - best way keep my soles looking clean is using your tongue, wouldn’t you agree?

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Photo from  WORSHIP MISS T
Photo from  WORSHIP MISS T
Photo from  WORSHIP MISS T
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ALL little cocks should be locked FACTS!!
Nikey worship
Photo from  WORSHIP MISS T
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