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Region:England - North-East
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair length:Very long
Eye color:Grey-Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:44

About me

Once upon a time there a chavy little bitch who got what ever the fuck she wanted. Cigarettes, drink, lunch money and no one would ever say no to her parents, teachers even the older kids not fucking no one. You know exactly who I mean don’t you. That one girl you dared made eye contact because she could ruin you in seconds leaving you running out the school crying like a freak with the whole school laughing at you. 16 years on not much has changed apart from
She’s older, wiser, sooo much more sadistic and well lunch money and cigs won’t cut it these days. She wants your hard earned wages, she wants humiliate and degrade you so bad she has a grown man crying like a baby begging for mercy and she wants to inflict the worst pain and torture imaginable whilst laughing away having the time of her life as you wriggle and squirm in agony like the weak pathetic little fucking runt you are. I would say THE END but you know and I know that it’s just beginning.

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