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I want to receive a free one-time sms notification when SINFUL TABOO QUEEN is next available. My mobile phone number:

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About Me

Region:Outside UK
Country:United States
Hair color:Black
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:8
#dominant #domme #paypig #sissification

About me

Do you crave being controlled and dominated? To have a woman own you, having complete and utter control over you? Being obedient and following every single command! The question is, how well do you listen, pig? It better be a fucking spectacular performance from a little pig like yourself! I want to hear you oink and squeal! I will fucking own you, know that you are powerless and that I am the one who holds the power here! You will know your place and understand who is in charge! You will be my little puppet piggy, I will pull your strings in whichever direction I desire! Come get Dominated!