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I want to receive a free one-time sms notification when RUBBER DIVA MISS LUCY is next available. My mobile phone number:

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About Me

Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthBald
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:6
Dress size:36

About me


My new line:

This line means I pickup the phone and you are there in the middle of my session!
I will not speak to you, but I will concentrate myself entirely to my present guest. You can listen to our hot moments... and imagine that you are next!!!


Cunning, dirty rubber diva will drive you crazy with her voice and her fantasies... dare you!!!!

The preferred play areas of my SM and fetish world extend over several different - and each to their own - limitless areas:

Full latex:
Total enclosure in one or more layers. Gas masks and hoses. Various permanent fixations. Various varieties from the black and white areas.

Breath play:
Various variants with and without latex. Breath control, breathing reduction permanently. Also with the help of various aids. Training for beginners is also welcome.

TV slut training:
Complete transformation including make-up, hair and outfit. Training to become a TV whore including real use of my other guests. In latex or fabric outfits. Complete latex outfits and pull on tits and pussy available.

Responsible clinical sessions. Doctor roleplay. Anal treatment. Needling and sewing. Long-term admissions.

Dirty Games:
From beginner to full day toilet. From connoisseurs to force-feeding. Complete recording or different playing variations on your body.

Tease & Denial:
Awakens the animal in me. And completely activates all of my nastiest veins. Up to your very limits and when I have gone millimeters beyond them... I will gently catch you again.

Tell me your fantasies and then I'll tell you what I'll do to you so that you're mine forever! Or I tell you about my sessions and you can't shake the thought that you want to experience the same thing with me!

Would you like to be consistently ignored while you clear out your account for me or give me a gift? With pleasure!!!

Or would you like to be live on the phone during one of my real time sessions in my dungeon? You want to pay for me doing your phantasies with my sub... and you can listen...???

Everything is possible!!!!!

But remember: The respective profile picture says what mood I'm in at the moment, and this mood says it all!

Fuck-Looser and small cock hotline:
As a mini-dick, you have no right to breathe the same air with your stub as I do... without paying me your daily mini-dick tax! Whenever you do that he twitches a little because he's not capable of more anyway! Since you have already resigned yourself to this fate, you will keep calling this line!!!

Rubber talk:
You entertain me with your previous solid rubber experiences! I want to hear all your hot stories... down to the dirtiest details! You are welcome to ask me questions that you might not be able to ask anyone else. I will answer you honestly!

Cuckie Line:
Are you a little fuck failure who can't manage to satisfy a woman in your life? It's best for you to be locked away and only have to watch when I send a bull to your wife and fuck her in front of your eyes? Then you've come to the right place on this line! But be prepared! It's getting hot!!!

Igno Line:
If the Igno-Line is active, then IGNO is the order of the day! Then there are no ifs and buts... then it will be consistently ignored! On this line you can beg as much as you want... here you listen and pull the trigger, and I do what I want in that time! When I'm in a good mood I'll laugh at you, but that's it!!!!

Every session with me is a unique experience, whether on the phone or in person. I attach great importance to a respectful address from the mistress and a proper introduction to the slave when making contact!

Once you've made it to one of my lines, you won't want anything else! After that you'll be addicted to me!

Miss Lucy

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BadAss Mistress
Sexy rubber nurse !!!
BadAss Mistress
Sexy rubber nurse !!!
Military Mistress
BadAss Mistress