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About Me

Region:England - London
Hair color:Dark brown
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:5

About me

Queer Queen

CisHetMen have ruined the world for far too long now. In my kingdom CisHetMen are the lowest of the low, if you choose to call me…..know that are you are intrinsically beneath me and I only accept your call to assess if you could be of any use to me in service. Better yet….just call me to hear me ignore you while you contemplate how pitiful you are.

I am a Non-Binary AFAB Queer as fuck Dom with who is both nurturing and sadistic in equal measures and plays with the joy of a twisted child making their dolls do exactly what they want ;) My pronouns are she/they, my titles….only those lucky enough to submit will get to know.

I am a life-style Dom whose earliest kinky fantasies started in pre-teen years, my kinks form part of my core sexual identity and it's not something I can ever switch off. I’m as kinky as I am queer and I LOVE IT! My gender is fluid, sometimes I’m in the mood to be a Butch Dyke, sometimes a Goddess, sometimes a primal creature and other times a femme/masc mix…..all and everything in between….but always Dom 

I invite all queers to call me, anyone in the LGBTQIA+ rainbow
I want to help you explore your deepest desires and take control of your fantasies
 Some things I am interested in:
*Pet play - all varieties welcome - I love all creatures
*Boy/amab on boy/amab play - watching turns me on and will direct a whole scene to please me
*Training sluts
*Strap on play - delighting in all your hungry holes
*Trans/nb/amab wanting to explore their femininity and dress up for me in adorable outfits of my choosing
*LGBTQIA+ subs wanting to explore the depths of true submission - we will get to know each other and form a bond like no other
*Impact play
*Body/Foot/Ass worship - my body is a marvel
*Edging/ Orgasm control

I will start the call asking you some questions, only interested in the power of true submission. I want to get to know you, worm my way inside your brain….once I figure out what makes you tick…then let the games begin 

HARD LIMITS - I will NOT discuss any of the following;
Race, Bestiality, Incest, Age play(of a sexual nature) Scat and Vomit

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