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About Me

Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Other
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:6
Dress size:38

About me

Come serve your german, bratty Princess!

But do you deserve anything? NO!

I am divine and greedy! Only your wallet can satisfy me! Let's get ready for a deep intense rinse, pay piggie!

I can't stand you! You're such a pathetic moron! You only deserve to be ripped off by your pretty princess!

Be thankful for permission to get ignored by me! Be thankful when I laugh at you! This will drive you crazy and even deeper into addiction!

Shut the fuck up! You get nothing in return! Listen to what I am doing - or what not! I love to use you as my personal human atm - but that's it!

You mean nothing to me! Fuck You - Pay ME, LOSER! Make yourself useful and call this Line. Binge clips, while I ignore you and watch your money burn!

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