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About Me

Region:England - West Midlands
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthShort
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:6
Dress size:50
#anal #bondage #cbt #electrics #fighting #fireplay #roleplay #sadist #vampires #werewolves

About me

Short and sturdy, sadistic lifestyle Mistress with a PVC fetish and wicked giggle - if you can’t have fun then what is the point?

I would love nothing more than to beat you up with my bare knuckles, knee you in the groin and place a roundhouse kick right on your rump. Once on the floor my chokehold and chains will keep you down.

When I need to rest I will keep you in tight bondage and zap you with my powerful victorian violet wand, e-stim or electro shank.

Be warned, the more cheeky you are, the more you will get punched or zapped!

If you are lucky, I might just be in the mood to chat about and possibly torture you sadistically - some favourite topics below to get the conversation rolling.

- fantasy role play (think vampires and werewolves) - ball busting / CBT
- kicking or stomping with my big New Rocks
- bondage - ropes, sleep sacks, chains
- flogging
- wooden paddles
- caning
- fire play
- waxing your back, sac and crack
- watersports
- orgasm control
- JOI (positive reinforcement- not involving humiliation)
- edging
- pegging / strap-on play
- anal play and anal fisting
- face sitting

REMINDER: Calls do automatically cut off at about 15 minutes. I will never put down on the phone on you unless you are abusive so if you have been perfectly behaved please assume we ran out of time.

NOTE: As an LGBTQIA+ person (I identify as pansexual) I will never take any calls involving homophobia or other forms of discrimination such as racism and xenophobia.

My Gallery

Chains and claws - My sexy legs holding chains and my gardening claw - practical in so many ways ???
Ready to Zap you
Feet in Fishnets and Chains - My feet in fishnets and chains dd over them ready to bind you tight in
Toys to zap you with - My violet wand and electro shank to zap you with