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About Me

Region:England - South-East
Hair color:Blonde
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:7
Dress size:34

About me

My name is Mistress Tess, a professional, real time Dominatrix based in the Milton Keynes area. As well as real time sessions I offer webcam and Skype sessions. Many of My real time slaves have met me on here and taken that step to progress to kneeling before Me for real, you may well be the next to fall under My spell.

I make no apology, I am a sadist. Nothing gives me a greater thrill than a man suffering for Me. Screaming for Me. Taking what I give as a gift, repaid with their suffering. As a sexually confident Woman I know exactly how to render you helpless and at My mercy, a gentle stroke of my skin against yours and You'll take more for Me, won't you? Don't resist, suffer for Me. You'll see the glint in My eye and smile creep across My face as you very quickly bend to My will.

Now don't get Me wrong, although I just simply adore hurting men, I cater for the lighter end of the kink spectrum too. Foot worship, tie and tease, heel worship, orgasm control, ruined orgasms, sissification. All things that I enjoy exploring with you little perverts.

As far as I am concerned, as a true Female Supremacist, all men belong on their knees. This is how you will start your time with Me, whether in real time or on cam. Eyes to the floor, as I approach your heart rate will no doubt increase, a mix of fear and excitement washing over you. Keep your eyes to the floor. Admire My heels, don't raise your eyes until instructed. You have no right to gaze upon My beauty before you are permitted.

It's fair to say that I am experienced in many, many kinks and fetishes. Please do feel free to contact Me if you have a particular interest that I have not touched on, there's a very good chance that I will have experience in it and be able to cater for it.

For online sessions I can be devilishly creative, so whether it's cock and ball torture, small penis humiliation, nipple torture or humiliation that you crave, I am well equipped to ensure you remember our session and keep coming back for more.

Although I can be brutally harsh and sadistic, I can be very caring, soft and manipulative when I want to be. Don't feel that you aren't experienced enough or that I will be too much for you. I expertly tailor My approach to each individual, making their experience one to remember for all the right reasons.

Some of My favourite activities include;

Strapon - I simply adore emasculating a man by taking him in the ass. That moment when I penetrate him shifting the pure dynamic completely in to My favour. Perhaps I'll be kind, start gentle with a cock that's just the right size for you. Or perhaps you need something more, to feel like you are being truly violated with a cock that's just that bit too big, stretching you just that bit further than is comfortable? Anal can be wonderfully erotic, very simulating and down right delicious. On the other hand, consent to Me taking you hard and I will show you what it truly means to be brutally ass fucked. I can and will hurt you if that's what you need.

Ballbusting - Those silly little balls of yours. No good for anything. They get you in to trouble, look unsightly and simply cannot ever be useful for anything other than holding a chastity device in place. Or can they? Kneel before Me, or let Me restrain you, legs wide apart. How many kicks can you take? Five? Ten? Twenty? Or as many as I wish if you're gagged and really ready to suffer for My pleasure? I will have you screaming and close to passing out as I slam My foot in to Your worthless balls over and over again. Or, maybe, just maybe if you're a newcommer to this wonderful activity, I'll break you in gently.

Chastity - Well, well, well. Now we're getting somewhere. As I said before, balls are useless. As is your cock. The best thing for you, and in truth, humanity is for You to be locked up. Unable to get aroused, or when you do for you to be in unbearable discomfort. Unable to use that worthless dick. I firmly believe that all men should be locked and for a superior Woman to hold the key. Will you ever get out? If you do, what will be your fate? A ruined orgasm? A vicious kick to the balls? Or maybe, if you're really lucky I'll get one of My boys to suck you off! If you have a device you are encouraged to wear it to the session, if not I have an assortment for you to try. Who knows, once you're locked for an hour or two it might become clear that this needs to become a permanent fixture to your body, I am always on the look out for more keys to adorn My necklace, what better place for your sexuality to reside than safely nestled between My breasts?

Orgasm control - Let's get one thing straight. you don't deserve orgasms. They are the reserve of Women. You may, on occasion be permitted release. A draining of your balls to keep them healthy. Don't think that this will be enjoyable though. Before the final ruin I may edge you 50 times, turn you in to a dribbling wreck, begging for the stimulation to stop. It won't though, not until I choose to stop it. If by some miracle you are permitted to release, I will be making sure there is no pleasure and that the frustration persists as a result. Oh. And I have one rule for boys that are permitted release. You WILL be consuming your filth whether you can stomach the taste or not.

Humiliation - Now we're talking. Deep down you know you're worthless don't you? Inferior to the Female sex in every way. I feel it vitally important to remind My slaves of this on a regular basis by humiliating them. Perhaps I'll make you perform for Me, how would you feel dancing for Me in skimpy underwear and make up? Ever had a Woman spit in your face with complete contempt for You? Believe Me, that's exactly how I see you. Would I be cruel enough to make you drink My fresh, strong morning champagne? You bet I would, I do adore doing that to punish and humiliate, and believe Me, if you ask for it, I will be making you drink every last drop regardless of how much you struggle.

Beatings - Another of My absolute favourite things. If you're new to this I can expertly break you in, gently, encouraging you along. On the other side, and of course being a true sadist, I do relish the opportunity to beat a willing canvas until they are a broken, whimpering mess. I can make you cry. Beg. Bleed. A wide selection of single tail whips, paddles, floggers and even a metal rod can be used to hurt you like nothing you thought possible.

Watersports - Undoubtedly one of the most degrading activities within kink. But at the same time it is a great honour to be permitted the opportunity to consume My waste fluid. To drink down the finest vintage of champagne, filtered through the perfect Female form. Maybe you need an introduction to this? I can ensure I am well hydrated so that your drink is easier to swallow. Or perhaps you don't deserve this. Perhaps you deserve it as strong as is humanly possible, so strong that it makes your eyes burn or even the finest connoiseurs struggle to consume it? Strapped in to My toilet box or gagged with My funnel gag so you have no option but to swallow My gift are just a couple of ways to remind you of your place, nothing more than a toilet for Me.