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About Me

Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Blonde
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:5
Dress size:34

About me

Mistress Stella, your one and only Goddess!
my name will burn itself your head.
I am your Goddess, Queen and First Goddess!

Lose yourself in my voice - my eyes - you will work like controlled by remote control
Call - do not wait any or this chance will pass.
You have to present yourself decently on the phone - as befits a slave!

BDSM - my passion!
Beginners are introduced gently.
Meet a new world - my world!

Education, Counseling, Hypnosis, wanking instructions, Psychological Counseling, Alpha Pair, Cuckold, Sissy Training, Toilet Slaves - Just a small excerpt from my entire repertoire!
From A - Z, I am an absolutely savvy Mistress who will rob you of your mind!

You dream of becoming my finsub?
I am relentless, ice cold, manipulative, unpredictable and unique.
I condition you how I want you!
No matter what time it is - in the morning - at noon or in the evening.
I am your first thought of the day and your last one when you go to bed.
Your thoughts are only circling around me !!!
You are my unwilling puppet !!
Feel my power, as I drive you deeper and deeper into the dependency - from which there is no escape for you!

You are a victim and therefore not even worth the dirt under my soles!
Finally accept - you are a small nothing - you work and pay - to me!

I decide when to sacrifice my precious time for you losers!
You pay and say thanks

ad night goddess keeps her beauty sleep - you may listen to me

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