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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:13
Last online9 days ago

About Me

Region:England - Yorkshire
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:6
Dress size:38
#addictive #bdsm #dominant #fetish #goddess #mistress #ownership #ruinedorgasm #submission

About me

I’m that sexy goth girl you always wanted to bang but never will. I’m a high profiled domme coming back after a short break ,i tailor to all fetishes! I will destroy your pathetic vanilla world and make you submit to me in mind body and soul in all ways possible. Want your wildest dreams to come true, I’m just one call away. Wanting to touch yourself already loI I’m going to have fun teasing you!

You know you dream about me every night. Tugging on that worthless worm It’s okay, I know I’m drool-worthy over me want to be close to me , the closest you’re going to get to me is hearing my voice as I fuck your brain turning you into my mindless slave you will submit and follow my instructions. What I say goes!

Bend over slowly stick that bottom in the air tied up blindfolded no idea who what when and how big thick long and stiff is going in your tight little virgin arse and for how long ! if only that was command I give you ! You crave attention pathetic little worm , you want me to command you ! submissions is in your blood you can’t hide from me ! you crave me it’s like a drug I’m so fucking addictive there’s no hope of getting away , I command you to call me right now! I will make them dreams come true, come tell mistress what you like don’t be shy I will make you into whatever you desire, Listen to me deny your orgasms over and over again….let me break you train you own you , your mine now call x