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About Me

Region:England - North-East
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthVery long
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:7
Dress size:42
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About me

DommeLink: https://www.dommelink.com/mistressmuller

About me:
My name is Mistress Monika Müller. I am 24 years old and currently reside in the North East of England. I am fluent in both English and German, and can speak to you in wellspoken British English or with a German accent. In terms of my physical attributes, I am 5ft 8 in, 174cm tall, I have a Rubenesque Uk size 14, US size 10, size UK 7, US 10 feet, colourful tattoos adorning my arms, hazel eyes and hip length, natural red hair. In terms of my personality, I am a true sadist, domineering in nature, and cruel and impassive to all men.
Let's roleplay! With my powerful imagination, array of costumes and quick wit, I can create vivid fantasy scenarios. Will you be a hapless patient of a sadistic nurse, a petulant school boy in his head mistress's office, a prisoner facing interrogation by a harsh officer or a butler to an impatient aristocrat? Do you believe in FemDom? I believe whole heartedly in female supremacy and the inferiority of the male. No matter the style of roleplay, mistress and slave, governess and charge, or rider and pony, the FemDom theme will always be consistent throughout. I'm a stylish lady. I enjoy wearing latex, leather, fur and PVC clothing. I also enjoy wearing my governess outfit and my riding clothes.

My play styles:
-FemDom. I am a superior female, and you are nothing more than a lowly male subject.
-Impact play. I am skilled in administering a variety of impact styles and have many tools at my disposal. My personal favourites are the riding crop, the cane and duel wielding my twin cat o’ nine tails. I am a true sadist, and take the utmost pleasure in whipping, flogging, spanking, paddling and caning the submissive male.
-Sadomasochism, corporal discipline and spanking. As the hand learns of fire when the fingers are burned, the submissive male learns his lesson most effectively through the medium of pain.
-Humiliation. There are many ways in which a mistress may teach her male submissives the virtue of humility. Perhaps you will be made to kneel and offer your back as my footstool. Perhaps you will offer your mouth as my ashtray. Perhaps you will be verbally degraded, in both English and German. Perhaps I will blackmail you, threatening to expose you before your family and friends as a pervert.
-Bondage. Gagged, collared and restrained with leather straps, you will be completely at my mercy. Or perhaps you’ll be shut away in a cage or chained to a cross. I enjoy physically restraining submissive males and watching them squirm.
-CBT Though it is far beneath me to touch or even look at the pathetic genitals of a submissive male, I may find sadistic pleasure in kicking or trampling the crotch area.
-Chastity. If you are fitted with a chastity device, I will gladly hold your key. It is a most effective method of controlling the male submissive.
-Tickle torture. The fact that the lightest touches can sometimes elicit the most intense reactions in a male submissive is very satisfying to my sadistic nature.
-Sissy play and domestic servitude. Do you have a pretty, satin dress and a will to please a demanding and cruel mistress? Then perhaps you will enjoy being my sissy maid. I expect you to flit about with your feather duster, pour the tea, curtsey and smile. Put a toe out of line, and the consequences will be severe.
-Boot and foot worship. The natural place of a submissive male is at the heel of his mistress. Impress me with the skill with which you adore and worship my boots. As I have naturally very sensitive and ticklish feet, I enjoy attention being lavished on my feet very much.
-Wax play. The stinging of hot wax on cool flesh is a sensation all submissive males should endure. Shall we see if I can make pretty patterns on your back in colourful wax?

DommeLink: https://www.dommelink.com/mistressmuller

My Gallery

Sardax Portrait of Mistress Müller
Pretty feet - Come worship my pretty feet!
Mistress Müller and Mistress Indigo double domme trampling - Photography by Steve Satin
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Kiss my boots
Kinky Candyland, Photography by Steve Satin
Equestrian Mistress
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