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Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:9
Dress size:44

About me

Amazonian 6ft 2 Mistress Lucinda (6ft 11 in heels) and possibly UK's tallest Dominatrix has now relocated to the Haute-Vienne département of France. She is now the Dominatrice Maîtresse Lucinda, and is offering sessions in Her new Donjon in a discreet setting to the south of Limoges, 45 minutes by car.

A graduate from Cambridge University and former teacher, Maîtresse is cultured, articulate, intelligent and authoritative. Be warned, Her sharp wit will tie you up in knots. Maîtresse has had extensive experience of BDSM over the years as both a Lifestyle and Professional Domme and is able to offer many BDSM activities.

She also has a nursery for Adult babies and diaper lovers (ABDL). Nanny Lucinda can be tender and caring or very firm and quick to punish..

Maîtresse particularly relishes newcomers to the scene so that She can help them develop over time into the best submissive, baby or slave, they can be. Over the years Maîtresse has helped many reach their potential as they become happier and more fulfilled in their roles.
Whilst Maîtresse can show Her tender side at times, She also has a very definite sadisitic side to Her nature and loves giving out severe and challenging punishments when required.
She is very bisexual and therefore welcomes females and male/trans submissives alike. Inexperienced Domme/sub couples and AB couples who wish to further their experience are also welcome.
All limits are respected and all activities are safe, sane and consensual. All dealings with Maîtresse are to be respectful and no time wasters will be tolerated, She will NOT be topped from the bottom but She WILL listen.
She is truly an Amazon worthy of worship. Come and kneel at Her feet, look up at Her towering over you - over 7ft tall (2.1m) in Her highest heels!! Her beautifully manicured hands and pedicured feet are long but perfectly in proportion with the rest of Her body. Admire Her, worship Her, compare your pathetic body to Hers. Sit in Her lap and be made to feel the small man you are, or be trampled beneath Her feet. For those who wish to experience Her powerful strength, She offers arm wrestling and non competitive wrestling. You can be bear hugged until the breath is squeezed from your lungs. She will pin you to the floor, choke you and twist your body every which way!!!

Come and visit Doctor, Surgeon or Nurse Lucinda's surgery. The medical area has a gynaecological chair, medical table and medical screens, with hoods and many items for breath play including gas masks and rebreather bags, stainless steel plugs, electrics, needle/staples, sounds, catheter, enema, prostate/ dental examination..let Maîtresse fulfil your medical fantasy..

Sessions may include any of the following: Catheters, saline infusion, enemas, urethral stretching, anal training/ prostate massage, butt plugs, needle play, stapling, electric vacuum pump, breath play, dental examinations, mouth gags, electrics, gas masks with nitrous oxide, shaving and waxing of genitals/hair. All activities are carried out to the highest standards of health, hygiene and safety. With Her full range of medical equipment/furniture and clothing She can provide a truly authentic medical scenario.

Nanny Lucinda

Immerse yourself in Her world where good babies are rewarded and naughty ones are punished. Your individual needs will be listened to and your time will be tailored to you, whether you wish to be treated as a baby, toddler, small boy / girl or simply a lover of diapers.

Be sure however, that Nanny, as an ex teacher, stands for no nonsense from silly, badly behaved or spoilt babies as She is also a lifestyle Mistress and disciplinarian. She has an exceptional dungeon on hand with plenty of paddles, straps, cage etc for those needing a firmer hand. Don't worry though as good babies will see a nicer side of Nanny and slight misdemeanours might only require being put over Nanny's knee for a spanking on the bottom, being given Corner time or left in wet nappies.

On arrival you will be stripped of the adult you and become a little. Nanny will help find you some clothing more suitable for a baby's needs. Nanny has a wide selection of sissy, plastic and frilly dresses, boys' vests and onesies, plastic pants, lockable mittens and bootees, bonnets, wigs and of course, nappies, depending on your requirements.

The rest of your time together with Nanny will have been discussed prior to your visit but can include a variation of any of the following:

Nappy Change Time

Inevitably it will be time to change baby's nappy on Nanny's adult sized changing mat. Nanny is always stocked up on a range of nappies. She has nappies for all sizes of babies in both terry towelling as well as disposable. There are also plenty of nappy creams, lotions and talcum powder to ensure baby's bottom is clean and fresh. You may of course bring your own products if you prefer.

Some babies or diaper lovers choose a more messy experience and bring out Nanny's mischievous side. She may add combinations of custard, cakes, mashed banana or other sloppy substances to your nappy. Once baby has on his/her snugly fitting nappy then plastic pants and frilly knickers can be added if so desired.

Please note Nanny does not allow nappies soiled by baby. Potties can be provided if baby prefers this rather than an adult toilet.

Feeding Time

Ready for your bottle or baby food, you will have either a pretty frilly satin bib, or thick waterproof bib for messier eaters. Nanny can provide nicely warmed milk for your bottle, with the option of adult sized NuK teats. Will you be a good baby and drink up all your milk or will Nanny need to set up one of Her devilish devices to enforce your bottle feeding? For older babies or toddlers Nanny is happy to spoon feed or provide juice in training cups and finger food treats and snacks. You will of course want to spend time in Nanny's custom made high chair which makes even the biggest babies feel very little. For babies that need to be forced to sit still, Nanny can add restraints to your back, hands and legs while you are in the high chair.


Safely tucked into Nanny's custom made AB cot, wriggling babies can be harnessed or restrained and then soothed by the lullaby playing on the cot mobile. NuK5 adult sized dummies are available as are more harsh dummy gags for crying babies.

Peaceful and relaxed you can now drift off as Nanny reads you a bedtime story .... Baby Heaven!

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