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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:59
Last online2 days ago

About Me

Region:England - South-East
Hair color:Light brown
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:6
Dress size:32
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About me

I'm Mistress Krush, My creatively twisted side is perfectly complimented by My sense of humour and you have no idea yet how good you will feel when I laugh with you, not just at you.

It doesn’t have to be all whips and chains as there’s plenty of room in a healthy D/s relationship for laughter, and in fact all emotions. Some days I gain extraordinary pleasure from your pain, discomfort and humiliation, whilst on others, as My loyal ones can testify, there will be times when we both smile at the enjoyment we share.

I enjoy having interesting play with you on the phone, after all you've called to be played with by a strong, firm and bossy woman....if you're feeling brave you can have a small selection of toys available to be play with....clothes pegs, shoe laces, elastic bands, bull dog clips, a sock, a silky item to stuff in your mouth....and a dildo....always a dildo in the play box for Mistress to make you do naughty things to yourself with! There is a list of items at the bottom of this page.

My primary play space is The Under Dungeon, My Own premises in Buckingham, though I do travel to other locations regularly. I will no doubt be here when you call. Or if you’re a late night caller I will no doubt be laid in bed next to My Boyfriend (whom is most likely tethered to our bed for the duration of the night)!

Specialising in Whipping, Caning, Spanking, Corporal Punishment, Femdom control, Strict Discipline and Foot worship to name just some of My favourite activities, I’m happy to speak to novices as well as the more experienced. A few of you like to call to just have a general chat and ask questions...that's fine too. you're paying for My time....I don't mind what we talk about. you can find a lot of the information before hand on My website MistressKrush.com. Read all of this when you have the opportunity! This will give you a good insight as to what I like, enjoy most and offer. So much more than just a pretty face!

Now the real adventure begins....let's talk about what made you call Me today.

A selection of items you could obtain from around the house....or office, depending how frisky you're feeling!:

* house hold clothes pegs - wooden kind ideally
* shoe laces - thick boot laces are best
* scissors - in case you tie the lace too tight or need to snip a band!
* elastic bands - not too thick
* cup of boiling water with a metal tea spoon in it
* cup of ice cubes
* clingfilm
* electrical tape
* a pair of sheer tights - natural or less than 40 denier
* wooden spoon / paddle
* silky pair of knickers if available....or a worn shoe if that's your kink ;)
* anything else you might like to bring into play
Times I will try to be available for calls:
Monday: 9am - 3.30pm & 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday: 9am - 9.30pm
Wednesday: 9am - 3.30pm & 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Thursday: 9am - 3.30pm & 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Friday: 9am - 7.30pm

If I am not Live between these times then I am busy in a real time session or doing something vanilla.

Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays are limited but always keep an eye out in case I’m on.

Things I'm not into:

Financial Domination - It's just not My thing. Don't call Me if this is what you want to talk about....I'm not interested!!!

OBVIOUSLY nothing involving animals or children - this goes without saying!

My Gallery

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Mistress Krush Mummy Long Legs
Mistress Krush Kiss Mummys Stocking Tops
Mistress Krush Dont Be Fooled By My Smile
Mistress Krush Are you Ready Boy
Mistress Krush Big Knickers
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Mistress Krush On your Knees For Mummy
Mummy Krush Upskirt
Mistress Krush Lick My Sweat
Mistress Krush That Look
Mistress Krush On Your Knees
Mistress Krush Open Wide
Mistress Krush Hold It For Me
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Mistress Krush Pre Shoot - Gritty Room
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Mistress Krush Mirror Mirror
Mistress Krush Looking Down On You
Mistress Krush I See You
Mistress Krush Lick It From Behind
Mistress Krush Lick It
Mistress Krush Pink Shooter
Mistress Krush Pre Shoot
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Mistress Krush Whip Ready
Leather Mistress Tall
Muscle Mistress
Worship My Ass
Beneath Me
Leather Mistress
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