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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:0

About Me

Region:England - North-West
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Grey-Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:44

About me

I have been in and around the BDSM community since I was 19 I have been a practicing Mistress for approximately 18 years. I LOVE what I do. I am a Pro-Domme and charge for my services, my time is my most precious commodity, therefore every minute I take with each of my subs is well spent and paid for.
After your first call to me you will realise how dark my mind can be, how devious, twisted, taboo, it will take you to places you never knew existed. I have a sultry, sexy voice, described as liquid gold, which only enhances the experience. I love doing silent calls especially if you are in the same room as your partner, when you can hear my voice whispering filth in your ear, and she is totally unaware. I have had a lot of taboo experiences I can draw from which you will love because it will make your fantasies seem real, not just made up fairy tales.
I have a very quick, intellectual mind which is perfect for roleplay, over the years I have entertained some very unusual requests, from extreme CBT, extreme BDSM, torture, caning, castration,kidnap, extreme blackmail, mind control, crushing, and things which I am NOT allowed to put in text to gentle nurture requests, mothering, simple boot/shoe worship, looning, food fantasies, ABDL. Obviously if you simply want to worship Mistress you want to be humiliated, you want to beg for my attention, or be ignored, SPH, CEI, a draining session, or a JOI session than this is easily accomplished.
Just be warned........this will not be your only call, once you have finished your first call, you will look to see if I am available night after night, because I WILL make your dreams come true.

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