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Number of callers:12
Last online5 months ago

About Me

Region:England - West Midlands
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthShort
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:6
Dress size:32
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About me

Greetings my future subjects,

I am Mistress Indigo Blossom. I am well-versed in the art of femdom and have practised it for many years, whether that be in short sessions or long-term dynamics. My style can be gentle and nurturing, or biting and cruel, depending on my mood that day.

I have a special amount of interest and experience in the following:

Chastity/edging/tease and denial. Taking control of a man's sexuality is, I find, a very effective and satisfying way of feasting on a man's body and soul. I want to hear you beg and whimper for me, and know that I own you completely.

Service and hypnotism. I am your superior and I expect to be treated as such. You will offer your servitude in all aspects of your being, or I will demand it. You will submit your body and your mind to my caresses and my cruelty, and I will mould you into my perfect slave. I will enter the dark corners of your mind and make my home there, and you will be powerless to stop me.

Foot worship, foot trampling and boot licking. You know, deep down in your tiny submissive mind, that you don't deserve to see or feel or taste my naked flesh. However, because I'm such a generous mistress, I might let you lick my feet or boots if you beg in a way that pleases me. Maybe you'll even get to experience the sensation of my boots stomping over your body like the pathetic insect you are.

Confession. I want to hear you tell me all of your most shameful and repulsive of desires. I may condemn you as a filthy sinful slut and punish you as such, or I may offer forgiveness...for a price.

Watersports. If I am in need of a human toilet, I expect you to offer yourself up to fulfil my need, and to be grateful for the superior essence that I allow you to drink or shower in.

Pegging and bondage. There's no use denying that you want to feel me marking and conquering your body. Just how deep into this rabbit hole are you willing to fall, while I thrust my way deep inside of you? Either way, those ropes will ensure you're not getting away anytime soon...

Sadism, especially electroplay, impact play and CBT. I want to hear you squeal and moan as I mercilessly apply electronic sensations or the hard strikes of my favourite implements to the most vulnerable parts of your body.

Feminisation, SPH and forced bisexuality. Lets face it, you're not using that twitching little thing between your legs for much nowadays. You might as well let me make you pretty in pink. Don't worry, princess, you can still have sex...just not in the way you hoped.

Petplay. Who wants to be a good obedient pet for me? You do! Oh, yes you do! Unless you don't, in which case I'll have to discipline you, whether that be through time in your cage, experimenting with your shock collar, or a more traditional spanking. This is for your own good...

Hunting. Try and flee all you want, but I will hunt you down. When I find you, I will mark you as mine entirely.

However, there are other kinks that I enjoy, such as tickling, cuckoldry, findom, waxplay, etc. Let me know what your specific interests or fantasies are, and I'll let you know if it's something I'm interested in too. I also accept silent calls, if you're feeling a bit shy.

I will NOT engage in calls that feature any of the following: children, animals, extreme/permanent physical or psychological harm, blackmail, ageplay or anything illegal.

My Gallery

An outfit that really shows off the power of my hips and curves
Empowering Pose - You know youll always be beneath me. Pray that I am merciful and permit you to wor
My lovely boots - I think my boots could do with licking clean, and a polish afterwards, dont you? O
Chastity keys - Will you be lucky enough to have your key added to my collection?