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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:6

About Me

Hair color:Blonde
Hair lengthMedium
Eye color:Grey-Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:36

About me

To all those subs, sissy's, and slaves, be it male or female, and those who need a Mistress to make up their minds. IIam a curvy Mistress who can be gentle, but I have a fiery side who is demanding. I expect my clients to turn up on time, and listen to all instructions. This is vital for the lines of pleasure and pain to become blurred. I so enjoy having another D M who is as dominant as myself and sadistic, and flamboyant, who i work with occasionally. My kinky side has a vast array of fetishes. My subs, slaves, and sissy's truly worship the ground i walk on. Therefore, you need to please me in order to gain my attention. Before you book a session i require an e.mail, to set out the boundaries and discuss your fetish, and any medical concerns you may have in order to have a safe and pleasurable session. If you classify yourself as a newby to the scene or are experienced, I will take you on a journey of self discovery and explore your kinky side to the max. Be prepared to surrender your body and mind to the unknown journey that I will take you on.

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