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About Me

Hair color:Blonde
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:8
Dress size:40

About me

I am an Elite Ebony chastity Keyholder currently based in Scotland.
I am well travelled, well educated, and very curious about fetish and kink in general.
Although I have travelled the world and worked with amazing people in the adult industry, I am still learning daily.

You can continue to find much varied content from me around the web. I write erotica, record ASMR erotica and Femdom erotica, release Femdom videos daily, and am active on many social media platforms.

I love the power and control that cock caging gives me.
Infinite devotion, obedience, attentiveness, and a desire to please all magically appear once your willy is safely under lock and key.

I believe that chastity should be enforced even within relationships and I have guided many couples in the pursuit of chastity as an erotic tool within loving relationships.
As we all know long-term relationships can become stale as people drift apart. My solution:
- lock it up!

If you love that man, lock up his cock!

You will suddenly find that he has infinite amounts of time to do whatever you please!

Female led relationships are the way forward. Call me and submit to my hypnotic addictive mix of Femdom and cock tease.

Speak soon...