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About Me

Country:United States
Hair color:Black
Hair lengthVery long
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:8
Dress size:36
#analtraining #bdsm #femdom #feminization #fetish #gothic #joi #mesmerization #sensualdomination

About me

Your new gothic mistress is here to work you up and give you exciting and amazing JOI and JOE. I love to talk about your kinkiest, dirtiest desires. I want to create an amazing fantasy that we can both get off to. As a dominant woman, I love JOI endlessly! It is the best way to put you in a submissive state of mind, arouse you and allow you to get comfortable being sexually submissive. For me and my subs, JOI is the best place to start. It tells me exactly what a sub needs, and exactly how I can push you to feel better and better during your jerk off session. I will never stop being obsessed with this simple yet powerful tool between a dominant and submissive. Mistress Morticia is more than just a regular femdomme, I am strict but gentle. I love to be a gentle femdomme who knows how to give her submissives the structure and guidance they need to have a great sensual experience. I don't view my submissves as losers, or idiots. I approach each new dynamic on an individual basis, before jumping into roleplay, getting to know who my submissives' really are as people and what turns YOU on the most. I view every relationship as an opportunity to bond over the dynamic and to experience something new and fulfilling to us both. Those who serve me will know that they are valued and appreciated for who they are, and not just another 'loser' dropping by. Every conversation we have together, is another chance to strengthen our mutual understanding and our bond. If you love being gently Dominated, Instructed, Feminized, Mesmerized, Intoxed or just simply love getting sexy with a gothic Domme, You've come to the right place. I can’t wait to speak to you.