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Number of callers:3
Last online6 months ago

About Me

Region:England - North-West
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthVery short
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:6
Dress size:38
#accent #dirty #gentle #intelligent #orgasmcontrol #posh

About me

Lady Eleanor – perfect, perverted, pernicious. I’m a 26 year old PhD Researcher in Manchester and I work as a dominatrix part-time. The contrast between my posh accent and the dirty things I'll have you do is really quite something.

I can be caring or cruel, sensual or sadistic. I'm an intuitive mistress who will give you what you need before you even know what that is. As one lucky boy once put it, I'm "inspirationally perverted".

I love to get creative with you over our calls and guide you to orgasm...if you're allowed. I get off on controlling your pleasure and turning you into the filthy submissive that you are in your heart. I'm an intuitive mistress who knows what you need before you do. If that excites you then give me a call and welcome to servitude...

Calls are automatically disconnected after 14 mins. Call back to continue our fun.