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About Me

Region:England - South-West
Hair color:Red
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:7
Dress size:38

About me

You may address me as Kountess, Mistress, Goddess or Queen.
I am an Elite British Dominatrix. Glamorous, seductive, alpha, kinky.
A bohemian free spirit and the personification of the playful but dangerous Femme Fatale. I love teasing and tormenting an anything taboo

As much as I am a Dominatrix I’m also a Fetish Actress using my acting skills to create Role plays that feel authentic. This role play expertise combined with my well spoken, sultry smooth accent is perfect for fantasy and fetishes.

I can be anyone you want me to be

Stepmother --- Sissy Coach --- Office Bitch Boss --- Filthy Girlfriend ---- Strict Nurse --- Bad Teacher - Naughty Nanny - Perverted Auntie - SadisticNun and lots lots more

Or i can teach how to edge - I love hearing you beg as i instruct you in JOI


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