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Number of callers:5

About Me

Region:England - Yorkshire
Hair color:Other
Hair lengthMedium
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:32

About me

My name is Mistress B, and i work for a company called Indulgent Pleasures.

Do you find yourself wanting to be locked in a room with a woman like Harley Quinn?
A woman that can make you beg for your sanity but willing to leave it all behind for her, the most devilish dream you ever have, well That's me!!!
Once you have been to see me it wont just be a fantasy it will become a reality and that's when your dreams come true.

We at Indulgent Pleasures offer a unique and fully submersive fetish experience, something you will not of found on your fetish journey before, we have different themed rooms that will arouse all your senses and there is truly something for everyone no matter what your kink may be.

We currently have 4 themed rooms with an 2 more being added shortly

The current rooms are:

A medical / hospital room,

We have a fully functioning hospital / medical room where you can be admitted and experience a authentic hospital setting and hospital examinations with a wicked and fetish related twist, you will never come across a more kinky and realistic setting, some of the services that we offer within this room are:

Anal inspection
Electro Play
milking machine
bed baths

( should anything not be listed of interest please contact us and you can discuss your needs with the medical team )

The Gothic boudoir

Our Gothic boudoir is currently the most popular of all our rooms, featuring a 4 poster bed with stocks for you to be fully bound and exposed for all of mistress's torture to take place with the vast airy of whips, paddles, canes, chains, floggers, fuck machine, etc. It has multiple binding points and the stocks are removable for easy strap on accessibility

The bed has been built with a cage underneath to be locked into if your behavior doesn't meet mistress's high standards, or for you to be punished on your knees and to beg to be let out to worship at your mistress's feet where you belong.

It also has a st Andrews cross to which you can be bound and not be included in mistress's play sessions and denied contact other than to watch mistress enjoying herself alone or with another of IP'S Doms or watch a worthy submissive that hasn't done anything to deserve punishment.

A spanking bench is also available in the Gothic boudoir with binding points to have your limits pushed and your bottom spanked red raw.

A school room/ head mistress’s office

have you being naughty, running in the corridor? do you need to be taught how to behave? was your skirt to short or your tie not straight? well then detention it is for you in our fully fitted school room / headmistress office, there is always lines to be done on the chalk board and we still believe in corporal punishment, the cane , slipper, ruler across the hand or bottom, so i suggest that you do your homework neatly and when it is expected, and if you change your ways you maybe have the chance to become a prefect.

And a pink princess / sissy room

do you find yourself with the feeling to become someone completely different? stockings, suspenders, heels, dresses, we have a vast array of cloths, wigs, make up and can be fully immersed in sissyfication , this can be willingly or unwilling cross dressing depending on your kink , it can be done for humiliation or just for fun, you can come and have a girly night in and feel free to be who you maybe truly are inside whatever the reasoning this is the room for you.

***the rooms coming soon***

we are currently working on a full dungeon

the full dungeon will be exactly what you think it will be, dark dank and torturous this will not be for the faint hearted and for this you will have your levels push further than they have been pushed before and trust me when i say this i will take great pleasure in you shouting your safe word and wimping out

fetish pet play area outside (please note we do not condone any sexual or physical act with any animal this is for pet play ONLY people who want to pretend to become an animal)

so if you feel the need for a tail butt plug and some ears and to drink from a water bowl then that is something that we offer with a collection of collars, leads , bowls and treats and even a dog bed for you to lay on

*** please note if anything is not listed then please get in touch to see if its something we can offer you as more often than not it is something that we can accommodate ***

some of the other things that we offer that aren't listed within the description are:

( please contact via call for the prices of these)

cock caging
key holding
daily tasks
maid duty sessions
furniture sessions
slave ownership
financial domination
long time boxing
panties, sock, tights, stocking and shoe selling ( would come with photos of them being worn )
fetish sexting
shopping trip domination
tribute giving
gift receiving via a wishlist