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About Me

Region:England - London
Hair color:Blonde
Hair lengthVery short
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:7
Dress size:38

About me

Some of you may know Me as The Hunteress, but this pseudonym focusses on My other persona, Goddess Candika. After a number of years experience in some pretty hardcore sadistic face to face real time sessions as The Hunteress, I set up this profile as a dedicated online persona when I was unable to session in person for a long period due to a shoulder injury. To My surprise, more and more kinky and submissive people started to approach Me. I came to know a plethora of other ways to dominate you from afar and have spent the last decade happily enjoying online sessions with people in the most faraway locations. Distance from Goddess is no longer a problem!

The Hunteress and Goddess Candika how are they different?
The most simple explanation: The Hunteress you visit in person, Goddess Candika you serve online. They are two sides of the same coin.

The Hunteress is hands on, She loves to play with slaves and submissive flesh. She gets a real sense of accomplishment in delivering welts that make you weep, a real sadist. Often seen in leather or latex, a cane, strap on or whip never too far from Her hands! There are some similar sadistic elements that show up in Goddess Candika, but She has a slightly different demeanour, She smiles more, laughs more, humiliates you more, gets you fucked up more! She frequently appears in less formal clothing, (Goddess likes to spend time in bikinis and on the beach or in the jungle; where full latex and leather is a little bit too hot. Latex and Leather bikinis would be acceptable though of course.)

I like to get inside your head and find out what makes you tick, finding out every detail of your fetish is something I excel at. Below you will find an idea of the fetishes I really enjoy and engage in – whether that be on webcam, phone or when filming custom fetish clips. This list is not exhaustive however, and there are some things I’m into which cannot be listed here. So I’m definitely open to hearing about new and weird/wonderful fetishes that you have too. Don’t be shy – let me know…

Goddess Worship / Mind Fuck / Bikini Fetish / Latex / Leather / Shoes / Boots / Gloves / Stockings / Socks / Sneakers / Trainers / Tease and Denial / Cuckolding / Degradation / Humiliation / JOI / CEI / CBT / CP / CFNM / Spanking / Smoking / Chasity / Feminization / Financial Domination / Human ATM Draining / Faceslapping / Spitting / Trampling / Non-intimate Body Worship – Ass, Feet, Legs / Hearing you beg!

I enjoy respectful, polite submissives and fetishists who know how to approach Me.