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My statistics

Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:0

About Me

Region:England - South-East
Hair color:Black
Hair lengthVery long
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:5
Dress size:32

About me

The Forbidden Temple you have entered of a True Asian Goddess & Real Time Dominatrix. For many enticement you will have the privilege of experiencing. Only the brave Call this Goddess.

A Goddess like myself enjoys to dig my claws into your mind only to then pull at your soul and allow it to leak its deep secrets of want and desires.
I can use the Art of seduction to lure you into Submission. Have you wrapped around my feet only to be begging for More.
My voice alone has been known to lead many Mortals astray. Calling you in like a Siren ready to capture her prey to devour for my own Pleasure and Gain.
My traits vary from Dominant to Nurturing.
A Goddess accepts all even the Damned.
Submit to the Temple. Worship and Obey.

Approach My Temple Mortal and I may Answer your Calling.