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About Me

Region:England - North-West
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthVery short
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:6
Dress size:36

About me

I'm Fuckfairy, an androgynous dominant

My kink is intense and intimate. It is trauma informed, and expansive. A space where it’s safe to let go and unravel

My tastes are varied and each of my Subs serves me differently.

Some people choose to hand me control of their finances and experience the thrill of financial domination, some give themselves to me physically and I introduce them to my strap and the pleasure of anal play, some offer me their mind and I affirm or humiliate them to subservience.

Most people give me a combination of all of the above and more.

Once I know what you are willing and able to give to me, I will decide how I will have you please me.

I feel equally at ease in intense, rough and scary scenes as I do in tender, affirming and affectionate ones. Besides, kink is fluid, and all of the above can coexist and fluctuate in any given scene depending on what we've agreed upon.

As a Dom I am honored to mold and hold space for my Subs. Kink comes intuitively to me and I enjoy exploring with each Submissive, creating something together and building on that.

I prioritise those who want to invest in genuine lasting connections with me, based on mutual investment and respect.

Be respectful when approaching me and call me ''Sir''.