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About Me

Hair color:Other
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:8

About me

Dare you approach Enchantress Eleanor?
I am a friendly, charming, enigmatic lady who will captivate and enchant you.
I have lived within the BDSM and Kink world for many, many years. Having had R/T slaves and servants at my feet, I have high expectations.

I am the thinking man's phone whore and a role play specialist.
Role plays are a passion of mine. When I describe a role play to you, it is playing out just like a movie in my mind, in full vivid and explicit details.
Bring me the role play scenario of your fantasies, fetishes and secret or twisted desires and I will help to bring them to life for you in such graphic detail you will feel you are right there experiencing it.

Spanking is also a passion for me, but not just spanking, the whole intimate, shameful ritual of it. From informing you of your impending punishment, seeing the look of shock, anger and embarrassment on your face all the way through to that moment where you feel the first strike of your chosen implement or my soft warm hand on your bottom.

Can you show you are worthy of my time and capture my attention? I do not tolerate the dull and boring.
It is a dangerous next step, should you choose to proceed...
Upon hearing my voice, I will slowly, gently, seductively work my way into your very soul...
Once you are truly captivated, enchanted by my beauty, power and majesty, then our dance will begin...
Sweet, slow, sensual seduction; nurturing almost, oh how lovely that is, but do not be fooled by this initial soft, warm pretence, for once you are at ease I will take immense pleasure in causing you great torment, humiliation, pain and suffering.
Your begging and pleading will excite me.

If you appeal to me, excite and arouse me, I may choose to use you as my living sex toy, a human dildo, to fuck, ride and bounce on for my orgasm. But your balls will remain tied, unable to cum as your balls swell and the pressure in your cock becomes unbearable.
I will laugh at your desperation, at your tears and incoherent mumblings.
I will use your fetishes, kinks and desires to bring you to your knees.
You will become so hopelessly addicted to me that you will be unable to put me out of your mind.
Be warned that once you are under my spell you will be enchanted for all eternity...

Role play lovers, spanking devotees, weak pathetic males with secret cock cravings, sissies, anal fixation, sph lovers, tickling and giggling, CEI, crossdressers, ruined orgasms, JOI and all other interesting kink and fetish lovers are very welcome.

I am expecting you.

You really shouldn't keep me waiting...

Call me. Now.