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About Me

Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Dark brown
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:10

About me

Supreme Ebony Brat, Leader of the Maneaters, Avid Seductress, promoter of debauchery and profanity.

Just a Succubus enjoying the human experience capturing the souls of men with my soft velvety voice. Like the Siren leading sailors unto destruction with their calls, my melodious voice casts a spell on you, highly addictive and impossible to resist. You find yourself drawn to me, desperate for more, eager to do whatever I desire to please me. An addict to its drug, a slave to my whims and desire. I use you until there’s only a shell where a man once was, an empty puppet for me to command saying YES Empress to whatever I so desire.

And you won’t have it any other way. ????

My Kinks Include but not limited to;
Body worship (Ass worship, Boob worship, Foot worship)
B*mail fantasy
Fantasy Coerced Bi
Mindfuck and many more.

Come dance to the beats my woods is playing. Lose yourself in the forest of Nymph.
Come to me to SIN.

My Gallery

Mocking your weakness - Ebony brat holding the loser symbol sticking her thumb out and mocking you
Middle finger goon - Pretty ebony brat flipping you off with her middle finger and smiling in the ca
Which makes you weaker, my pretty smile or soft soles - Ebonybrat sitting on the bef in pink lingeri
Angel Nymph - Golden brown skinned ebony domme in white lingerie with stockings
Weak for Shiny Ebony Brat - Curvy ebony domme in red pvc underboob cut lingerie and red thigh high b
Heart Break Hotel - Pretty Black curvy brat in pink lingerie poses on the bed smiling with her ass i
Time for confession - Black curvy domme in pvc nun costume
Giving you an ass and glove fetish