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Number of callers:30

About Me

Region:England - South-East
Hair color:Other
Hair length:Medium
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:5
Dress size:44

About me

Roll up, roll up - step right up to the greatest show on Earth - that's right, it's the Sadistic Circus of Kink!

Hello there, Ella's my name and ruining you is my game. I'm a humiliatrix, findom, honeytrapper and catfish with a decades worth of experience...

I'm the most tantalising, sadistic and EXTREME domme on the internet... proceed with caution. With me, it's so easy to get in too deep and become totally out of your depth... addicted, broke and fully dependant on me ruining your life. Any limits you thought you once had all go out the window at the Sadistic Circus of Kink. You will be my puppet, and I will FOREVER be your master...

I'm a humiliatrix - a dominatrix with a specialty in humiliation, and in my case - public humiliation is my forte! I get absolutely soaking wet watching men degrade themselves and ruin their lives for my pleasure.

Every circus needs monkeys, and the Sadistic Circus Of Kink is no exception to that rule. Come and audition for your place, but be warned: I only accept the filthiest and most perverted performers for my shows!

Anyway, welcome to the circus, I'm your ringmistress Ella. You may refer to me as 'Queen' or 'Your Majesty'.

I may look sweet and innocent, but I'm an experienced fetish/humiliation domme with over 10 years experience in my field. I enjoy the more 'taboo' or 'bizarre' fetishes, the more extreme the better. Every sick, depraved fantasy you've ever had can be played out here in the Sadistic Circus of Kink. No judgements, only an expectation to please your Queen by doing... exactly... as you're told.

It makes my day when subs tell me - "but you look SO INNOCENT!" let my façade fool you, entice you, and get you under my spell. More fool you for falling for it. Are you ready to submit yourself to me? Totally and utterly degrade yourself for my pleasure? I just adore planning and creating fun challenges and games to play with my underdogs. I have MANY humiliating and degrading activities that you can take part in. You lucky, lucky boys!

What do I enjoy?

X 'Encouraging' men to be bi with other men
X Intox
X CBT/Ball busting
X Public humiliation
X Findom
X Homewrecking
X Honeytrapping
X Telling stories about my many experiences over the years with pathetic losers like you

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