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About Me

Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:5
Dress size:38
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About me

Sadistic, seductive, entitled AND French. Your worst nightmare and fav dream at the same time.

I love to use men. You may think you’re not weak, not like all the other submissives/men but this is bullshit. No matter who you are, to my eyes you’re a weak bitch, period.

You’re here to serve me, so forget about your pathetic peepee and instead ask yourself : What could I do for Her ? How can I serve ? How can I add up to Her Divine existence ?

That’s what being a submissive is about. It’s not about having your desires met, it’s about putting yourself in sacrifice for ME.

Let’s start to the beginning : I’m a Sadistic Findom Goddess. I will break you, financially, psychologically and emotionally. You’ll be reprogrammed, rebuilt under the shape of a perfect little simp, eager for my approval, crawling at my feet and ready to bankrupt yourself just for a crumb of my attention.

After a very successful career as a pro-domme in both online and in person BDSM, I’ve decided to retire because working is not for me. I’m a lazy, entitled bitch and I just want to exploit the efforts of weak men like you. Strong of my years working actively as a pro, I’ve explored several kinks, plays & dynamics and I finesse the art of breaking men and designing them the way I want to.

I’m here for my own pleasure, I don’t need your money so TALK TO ME NICE and DO WHAT I SAY. I don’t need you and if you bother me I’ll replace you immediately.

Get in touch, to your own risk. Surrender to my sexy French accent and silky voice.