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About Me

Region:England - South-East
Hair color:Blonde
Hair length:Medium
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:32

About me

I’m Duchess Bunnie,

I’m a professional model, online dominatrix and disciplinarian.

I’m a well spoken, firm, but loving Mistress. I’m here to guide you and to help correct your disobedient behaviour.

I enjoy collecting submissives, the dregs of society. I like to own the bodies and minds of pitiful humans. I degrade them and cause them discomfort and pain for My own amusement.

If you bow down to Me, you become My plaything. I will mess with your head. I will give you tasks and 'homework' assignments so I can laugh at you. You are here for MY pleasure, not yours. I might even ignore you if I feel you're not worthy of My precious time.

I own you.

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