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My statistics

Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:0

About Me

Region:England - London
Hair color:Black
Hair lengthBald
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:5
Dress size:34

About me

This is Dea Hel, the Goddess of Death based in London. You will refer to Dea Hel as Goddess whilst you tremble on your knees. The world is Hel and your wretched soul deserves torment for all eternity.

Hel's divine voice will become the only one that matters in your pathetic existence on this plane, just as it should be.

When you do pay tribute with a phone call, Hel shall look favourably upon you because the afterlife is a very, very, long time.

There are few things which delight Hel more than the beta cucks who become addicts; no longer able to function without regularly hearing the powerful tones of a Goddess from the underworld itself.

Types of play that are second nature to the Goddess of Death:

Anal play
Financial domination
Foot/heels worship
Humiliation - private & public
Impact play
Role play
Water sports

Hard limits: no offensive racial, anti-LGBTQ+, misogynist terms to be used ever.

Hel also offers silent calls, but this must be stated from the start. These calls are recommended to truly become enthralled and dragged deeper into Hel.