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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:4
Last online1 month ago

About Me

Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthVery long
Eye color:Green
Dress size:36

About me

I'm a manipulative mistress from Spain (Barcelona) who will completely transform you into paying me regularly like a real pay pig! I'll train you to be my human ATM and you'll masturbate for it!

My preferences are: Findom, assworship, facesitting, foot domination, high heels, boots, fetish jeans, ATM training, RT games, dog training and various humiliations.

This is how I will train you!

Human ATM
While we are talking on the phone I will turn you step by step into a human ATM! You will not only pay per minute on the phone but send me Amazon vouchers or tributes as I wish!

My alpha is a real man and not a beta loser like you! You will knee under my feet! Maybe I have sex while we are talking on the phone? I'll just put the phone down and you pay while we fuck!

Jerk off instructions
You want to jerk off? Then you will jerk off after my command! I will decide when and how you may cum! Before I allow it, you will not cum! Understood?!

For slaves it is right to be kept chaste. We will now talk about it is time to finally put you in a chastity belt. I will get the key!

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Photo from  DANA DA SILVA
Photo from  DANA DA SILVA
Photo from  DANA DA SILVA