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My statistics

Days with calls in a row:2
Number of callers:81

About Me

Region:England - North-West
Hair color:Blonde
Hair lengthMedium
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:5
Dress size:34

About me

I am a former Playboy Bunny Girl, model, exotic dancer, TV, film and live theatre actress.

I also made centrefold in two naughty men's magazines "Knave" & "Fiesta" in sexy basques and stockings!

I also featured in "Darkside" fetish magazine in 2020 as a fetish model.

With a fetish partner of 12 years I starred in Playboy and English Spankers films. We were regular visitors to a BDSM dungeon in South Warwickshire UK as well as going dogging and swinging and to fetish and swinging parties.

I have an avid interest in BDSM & Bondage and a member of an online global community of fetish people.

I like to tease and please.

I do not do nipple torture so I will not be indulging in that.

Perhaps your fantasy is to have a naughty nurse, naughty schoolgirl, naughty doctor, naughty fairy, naughty Playboy Bunny girl, naughty pussy, naughty Naval officer or a very strict Domme, caning your bare backside so hard that you will 'cum' very quickly?

Perhaps you would like to discuss your fantasy with me so that I can get you all hot and bothered?!

I just know you will want me to make you cum in a very big way so the sooner you call me, the sooner you will find yourself in a very sticky situation, you very naughty sexy boy!

Or is it your fantasy to make me order you to become a bondage or BDSM slave?

Naughty boys with a filthy mind like you, deserve to be severely punished.

I like to discipline very naughty boys with a filthy mind who are in need of some correction for misbehaving.

Are you a very naughty boy who needs taking in hand?

If so then you had better give me a call and please do not keep me waiting you naughty tinker rascal, I do not like to be kept waiting.... I am waiting for your call.

I have my purple riding crop to hand, ready to give your backside a working over until you get into a bit of a sticky mess and my pussy gets very juicy too - yes it is a huge turn on for me to indulge in sexy fun with very naughty boys like you ... ooops!

What are you waiting for - call me - NOW!
Countess Kazzy X

My Gallery

Kazzy Domme the naughty Nurse
Kazzy PVC Pussy Domme ready to take you on, naughty boy!
Kazzy Playful PVC Pussy Domme
Kazzy in Domme mode at the EssandEmm dungeon with riding crop in hand for spanking a naughty boy!
Kazzy in white sexy lingerie
Kazzy in Doctor mode!
Kazzy caning a very naughty boy across his backside
Kazzy invites you get naughty by calling her NOW
Kazzy in Fairy Pussy mode caning a naughty boy with a riding crop
Kazzy in PVC spanking a slave with a riding crop for being a very naughty boy
Kazzy in PVC whipping a slave across his backside!
Kazzy in School Uniform caning a slave across the backside
Kazzy caning a naughty boy over her knee
Kazzy in naughty Naval Officer mode
Kazzy in Fairy Pussy mode caning a naughty boy
Kazzy in naughty Nurse mode
Kazzy in Doctor Cane or Jab mode!
Kazzy in School Uniform with cane at the ready!
Kazzy in PVC, pussy ears and handcuffs!
Kazzy sitting on a slave with riding crop at the ready!
Kazzy in PVC!
Kazzy in the EssandEmm Dungeon going to fund a gag for a naughty boy I was disciplining, I am carryi