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About Me

Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:10
Dress size:34

About me

Hi, I'm Jennifer, from Ontario, Canada. I've been humiliating weak men on the phone for nearly 15 years, and they keep coming back for more. It's amusing when they cry like little girls, whimpering because I'm being so mean to them.

I know the chances are high you have a small dick, are a dud in the bedroom, and can't get most women to give you the time of day. You're a total Beta, possibly even a cuckold, since you can't get the job done yourself. You'd prefer to watch a real man get the job done.

You're probably a whimpering little bitch that needs a woman in control, since you're a failure and a worm. Is that about right?

I specialize in humiliation. The "domination" I offer is of the milder, more sensual variety.

Small Penis Humiliation

Racial Humiliation

Cock and Ball Torture


Financial Domination

Keeping you in chastity

Coerced Bi fantasy

Tease and Denial


Foot worship


My Limits - Calls I do not wish to take:


Any toilet stuff

Any ass stuff


One of the other ladies here will no doubt be able to provide you with those topics I am not comfortable with.

I know some callers on sites like this are also just lonely and seeking a friendly ear of someone to listen to them and or talk non sexually. I am totally fine with those sorts of calls and can be very sympathetic and understanding.

A little about me for those interested. 2023 will mark my 15th anniversary doing phone sex calls, so I have plenty of experience.

I do not do any real time anything, I am a phone only gal. I also write for adult websites and other operators and do voice over work in addition to phone sex.

I love live theater and entertainment and go often to everything from musicals, (my favorite), to plays, the ballet and the symphony. I am a very cultured, art loving lady. I love to cook and bake, love my soap operas, and enjoy giving myself manicures and have a unique, old fashioned fashion sense.

Those that have spoken to me have often told me I am unlike any other ladies they have spoken to, and that is a compliment. I do look forward to having you give me a call so you can find out for yourself.

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