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Number of callers:1
Last online22 days ago

About Me

Region:England - South-West
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthVery long
Eye color:Blue
Shoe size:3
Dress size:46
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About me

Hi I am Bunny, your sexy little northern trouble maker.
Goofy, gorgeous and a professional pottery princess. My speciality is making dildos and butt plugs on the pottery wheel. I'm completely authentic when Im online so you will be getting to know the real me any time we chat.

I enjoy:
~ Being soft + silly but also mean + cruel depending on my mood
~ Making pots out of clay and then squashing them with my big butt
~ Listening to you get hard and cum for me when I say is satisfying
~ I love compliments and being worshipped like any princess does
~ Being the boss. I am a very sweet and soft Domme, so sissy's are welcome to apply to be my pet
~ Very much into underwear, costume and toys - so i have a huge collection
~ Bondage, Whips, Power play
~ Treating you like my furniture

Kink friendly / Queer friendly / All natural / Big pierced Milf Milkers / Bodacious Booty / Lots of tattoos / Hairy ALL OVER Bush and Pits

You may call me: Boss, Mommy, Mistress B or Princess.

For 2 years I was a 24/7 service submissive and so I have learned first hand exactly what it feels like mentally and physically to submit totally and authentically and so I expect nothing less from you than your genuine self.

Do not presume you are smarter than me. I am very observant and detail oriented. My mind is laid out in a very logical and practical way, which makes me an excellent problem solver, teacher and communicator. However there are all different ways of being intelligent, so ask yourself: what can I bring to the table that will please my mistress? What expertise do I have that my mistress might use to improve her life?

I have a chronic illness and I am disabled day to day. My life involves a lot of pacing, planning and a great deal of pain. What can you do to make me feel good? How can you make my life easier?

I am Incredibly patient when I want to be, and when I say this I really mean it.

My desire is to put you in line. Show you how to adore and worship me. The goal is to make me feel good, because that will in turn make you feel good. Your role is to make my life easier and make me feel like I am the most beautifully perfect princess you have ever laid eyes on. A goddess in mortal body.

Total submission every time is not required because I am not phased by brattyness. Of course I will respect your limits and boundries, but I will enjoy putting you in your place. However one thing I am never impressed by is rudeness, and I am not afraid to a) school you in the correct way in which you should respect me b) publicly embarrass you by sharing screenshots of our Interactions or telling all my friends about how much of a loser you are. That being said I am silly, playful, sweet and caring when I want to be and I feel like you deserve it.

If you give yourself over to the idea that your body belongs to me, that your mind can be empty of any thoughts for a little while then in return I will take care of you. Obedience will be rewarded with positive encouragement. If you want me to be nice you can pay for it. Otherwise you do not exist to me.

My Gallery

Freshly dyed hair and lips for kissing!
Do you like my bunny slippers?
Me sitting in my wheelchair