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Days with calls in a row:0
Number of callers:0

About Me

Country:United States
Region:Outside UK
Hair color:Dark brown
Hair lengthShort
Eye color:Brown
Shoe size:7
Dress size:36

About me


You can call me Alex, only the best subs can call me Buffie. Let’s see if you’ll get there, but we will see that in time.

Some things about me:

I started off doing audio erotica not too long ago. I have been refining my skills to add more online/cam sessions and also phone. Either way, I love creating a scene with you! Remember it’s a mutual exchange, so be enthusiastic when we interact!

I’m an American. You don’t need to know how I feel about it. What you do need to understand is that I’m using my precious American time to interact with you. You have my word that I’ll make it worth your time. How can you make it worth my time? Please read the list of things that I enjoy doing with worthy subs.

I love talking and interacting with others in general! I think that the best connections come from mutual agreement and understanding! Although I’d love to Dom you, I’d really love to connect with you!

What I enjoy doing:

JOI: I love telling willing subs how to jack off just for me! Let me guide you to the best stroke of your life. Will I allow you to cum for me?

Tease & Denial: I can help you stroke to the limit of exploding just for me, but then deny you the chance. Sounds like fun? I love owning how and when you cum.

Roleplay: I can accommodate some BDSM roleplay. Just think of the typical dungeon and implements and we can make our own scene.

Edging: Have you been slowly stroking all day? Would you want to start? Let me guide you.

Findom: Nothing gets me off like taking money from subs that will willingly give it to me. Of course, I’d love to buy more tools to help me develop my craft. Want me to tell you more about what I’m going to do with your hard earned funds? Let’s talk about it.

Chasity/Keyholding: Maybe can’t hold your key for you in person, but I’ll be happy to hold you accountable over the phone! Let me hold your key and control of your erect cock.

Why do I do this? Well, D/s is more than a lifestyle for me, it’s my way of life. Although I do mostly play with my subs online, I do have real life interactions that I partake in from time to time. I’m always looking to increase and refine my skills, so that’s why I’m using the website.

Also, I always need more fine leather goods! I’d love to tell you more about what your money buys me as we talk more!

The more we interact, the better I become, and the more satisfied you will be!